Dumpman Films

Hello and welcome to Dumpman Films, a peculiar little venture that has been going since 2006.

Contact email address: dumpman1@hotmail.co.uk 

To see a ten minute sampler, go to “Links to wonderful websites” and scroll to the bottom of the page. This is a compilation of a number of my titles in 2010.

Alternatively,  go to youtube.com and put in “dumpman films” as a search, it is top of the list, perhaps not surprisingly.

To order any title, simply email your wish list to the address above and you will receive a speedy reply with a price and payment options. All titles are always in stock and ready for quick despatch.

If you prefer, find all the titles on ebay by looking for ebay seller “dumpman1” or enter “dumpman films” as a search and most of them will appear in a pleasing list. 

Dumpman Films is based in Sussex and specialises in hunting out hard to find scenes, views and journeys and making them available. If it’s interesting and awkward, I’m in there. Although based in Sussex, material is by no means limited to Sussex.

I make home-made films about odd places. Abandoned railways/disused railways feature heavily; what magic there is in seeing an abandoned railway station or tunnel or other such relic left behind as a result of Dr Beeching’s axe. However, wartime bunkers, sewers, canal tunnels, collapsing piers, disused industrial sites, old roads and ruined Victorian asylums crop up too. 

If you’d like to know what I’m currently working on or have recently completed then have a look at the “Latest News” page.

If you’re after a local history/interest documentary then have a quick scan of the “Full list” which will appear when you hover over the “Films ” button.

If you would like to read a more detailed account of each title then click the “Films” button and it will take you into the full “Film Catalogue” pages and you can feast your eyes on all that is available there.  Feel free to ask any questions about any title that you see there and I will respond promptly, in a cheerful, engaging and articulate manner. 

ALSO AVAILABLE: a  60 minute promotional demo dvd, FREE to whoever wants one.  

This includes a sample of clips from very nearly all of the films made up until 2010. Also included is interview footage with Dumpman himself to hopefully answer some of the most frequently asked questions and give a flavour of what this fascinating and curious venture is all about. 

Simply email your postal address and receive this unique item. See the “Demo Disc Contents” page for details of what to expect.

The “Future Projects” page is a wish list of places that are on the list to go and film, although exactly when they will all be done is anybody’s guess. You can find this by hovering over the “Latest News” button.

You may have a suggestion of a place that you think  should be given the Dumpman Films treatment and if that is the case then let’s hear it.

Please feel free to leave feedback about films or just say hello in the guestbook.

Equally, you may have interesting memories of the places featured in the films, in which case please feel free to write a piece in the guestbook. You will see that many folk have already done this and that it is becoming a fascinating vault of historical information. 

If you are on Facebook, you may be interested in a group called Disused Railways of Sussex. Numerous like-minded souls are constantly offering photographic evidence of their explorations there and you are most welcome to join them.

A huge range of t-shirts, coffee mugs, pencil cases, tote bags, ladies’ dresses (and all sorts of other tat) are available, adorned with the vast numbers of stills taken during the filming trips over the years. These can be seen at www.redbubble.com, simply enter a search of “dumpman” and all will be revealed.

Whatever you’re after, you’re very welcome here, come on in.

email address: dumpman1@hotmail.co.uk