The Winchester Chesil Loop 2022/2023


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Opened by the LSWR in 1891, closed in 1966 and explored by Dumpman in 2022 and 2023.

Starting on the Hockley viaduct, this impressive 33 arch, 2000 foot long, poured concrete structure is celebrated with a variety of views from the track bed and valley floor before travelling northwards by bike in the direction of Winchester Chesil Station.

Travelling by bike, partly on the current day cycleway (partly mirroring the course of the disused A33 Winchester bypass) and on the course of the track bed, various bridge structures are shown as the line rounds St Catherine’s Hill.

On the outskirts of Winchester, the site of Bar End goods yard is found, before travelling north to see the remaining goods shed.

Cycling through a multi storey car park shows the site of Winchester Chesil station before arriving at the mouth of the 441 yard Chesil tunnel.

Taking in the north and south portals of Chesil tunnel, the track bed is then followed through the Winnall industrial area until it is bisected by the A34. Footage gained in the early hours of a Bank Holiday allow access to the sections of embankment that are now enclosed by the north and southbound dual carriageways. Footage obtained by car-mounted camera faithfully retraces the track bed that has been covered by the road, past the station area at Kings Worthy.

Diving into the bushes to the east of the A34 shows the track bed moving across fields until reaching a bridge that carried the line under the current day Winchester to Basingstoke line at Winchester Junction. A short distance to the north sees the superb double bridge structure which closes the film.

Includes constant, well-informed commentary, reference to a vintage map and a slide show of stills.

Running time: 1 hour and 35 minutes (2 x dvds). DVD Region 0 (should play on any machine).


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