Film List

This is a title list only, showing the number of discs, running time, year of production and price.

If you want more detail about each film then have a trawl through the Film Catalogue pages, which are chronological, with the more recent titles appearing at the top.

Not listed here is the demo disc, which is free to whoever wants it, just email me your postal address, anywhere in the world.

West Pier Tour & Original Vintage Ticket135 min1999-2006£7
Brighton Sewer Tour/Patcham Floods117 min2001£4
Brighton’s Kemp Town Branch Line Tour131 min2006/2007£6
Brighton Devil’s Dyke Railway Tour11h 22m2007£5
Brighton Devil’s Dyke Steep Grade Line137 min2006£5
Brighton Devil’s Dyke Aerial Cable Way115 min2007£4
Ardingly to Horsted Keynes Branch Tour11h 45m2007£6
Three Bridges to East Grinstead Tour160 min2007£6
East Grinstead to Groombridge Tour11h 14m2007£6
Guildford to Christ’s Hospital Line Tour11h 55m2007£6
Christ’s Hospital to Shoreham Line Tour11h 35m2007£6
Heathfield to Polegate Cuckoo Line Tour11h 23m2007£6
Selsey Tramway Explored158 min2006/2009£6
Rye & Camber Tram/Rye Harbour Branch155 min2007£6
Doomed LBSCR Ouse Valley Line Tour11h 34m2006£6
Disused Railway Tunnels of Sussex11h 12m2006£6
Hayling Island Branch Line Tour116 min2006£5
Disused Railways of Sussex 8 dvd set88 hours2006£20
“Bittern” 6/12/08 steam on the mainline110 min2008£3
“Tangmere” 17/2/07 steam on the mainline18 min2007£3
“Lord Nelson” 23/6/07 steam on the mainline110 min2007£3
Offham Chalk Pits Steep Grade Line Tour111 min2006-2007£4
Volk’s Seagoing Tramway Explored161 min2006-2007£6
Hamsey Loop Line Tour (near Lewes, Sussex)134 min2007£5
Billingshurst Royal Observer Corps Bunker112 min2007£4
Guildford Foxenden Deep Shelter Tour135 min2007£4
Shoreham Cement Works Tour137 min2001-2007£5
Views of Hellingly Mental Asylum130 min2007£5
Hellingly Hospital Branch Line Tour133 min2007£5
Sheffield Park to Lewes Trackbed Explored35h 5m2007£10
Uckfield to Lewes Trackbed Explored34h 50m2008£10
The Disused Railway of Lyminster, Sussex163 min2008£6
Midhurst to Chichester Trackbed Explored22h 50m2008£10
Midhurst to Pulborough Trackbed Explored22 hour2008£9
Baystone Bridge to Christ’s Hospital157 min2008£6
Hardham Canal Tunnel Illuminated123 min2008£5
Demolition of the Pullman Works, Brighton120 min2008£5
Clayton Railway Tunnel & Cottage142 min2009£6
Crowhurst to Bexhill West Explored33h 10m2009£12
Redgate Mill to Heathfield Cuckoo Line Tour33 hour2010£12
Tunbridge Wells West Trackbed Explored128 min2010£6
Lydford Jnc & Mary Tavy Stations Explored120 min2010£5
Princetown to Yelverton Trackbed Tour32h 30m2010£10
Cuckfield ROC Bunker – a restoration project152 min2010£6
Midhurst to Petersfield Trackbed Explored21h 50m2011£10
A short tour of Jack windmill, Sussex Downs120 min2011£5
A visit to the LSWR/GWR arch, Tavistock112 min2012£4
The Course of the Old A23 in Sussex22 hour2012£10
Brading to Bembridge Trackbed Tour135 min2012£6
Newport to Cowes Trackbed Tour137 min2012£6
Newport to Wooton Trackbed Tour152 min2012£6
Sandown to Newport Trackbed Tour11h 27m2012£7
Shanklin to Ventnor Trackbed Tour154 min2012£6
Ventnor West to Merstone Trackbed Tour11h 10m2012£6
Freshwater to Newport Trackbed Tour21h 45m2012£8
Old Blackgang to Niton road explored155 min2012£5
Meon Valley Line (Fareham to Alton) Tour54h 12m2013£15
Brockenhurst to West Moors Trackbed Tour22 hour2013£10
A visit to Cannington viaduct at Lyme Regis113 min2013£4
Bishops Waltham to Botley Trackbed Tour150 min2013£6
Lyme Regis Branch Line Trackbed Explored21h 50m2014£9
West Bay to Maiden Newton Trackbed Tour22h 9m2014£10
Easton to Weymouth Branch Trackbed Tour11h 19m2014£8
Abbotsbury Branch Line Trackbed Explored11h 29m2014£8
Weymouth Quay Line Trackbed Travelled113 min2014£4
Westerham Branch Line Trackbed Tour11h 6m2016£7
Hawkhurst Branch Line Trackbed Tour32h 27m2016£12
Mortonhampstead to Bovey Trackbed Tour21h 59m2016£11
Bexhill West Station stills dvd rom1166 pics2017£5
Christchurch to Ringwood21h 40m2017£10
West Moors to Salisbury (Alderbury Jnc)43h 45 m2017£13
The Sprat and Winkle Line33 hour2018£12
Brookwood Cemetery Necropolis Line141 mins2019£7
Ash Junction to Tongham135 mins2019£5
Alton to Basingstoke43h 15m2019£14
Bexhill West Station clock tower exploration138 mins2019£7
Sidmouth & Exmouth Branch Lines43h 40m2021£14
The Longparish branch line22h 00m2022£10
Winchester Chesil & Hockley viaduct21h 35m2023£10
Winchester Jnc – Itchen Abbas – Alresford21h 30m2023£10