I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. This page will be an ever growing list of websites that are relevant and that I think are wonderful; hopefully you will too.

First up, this one is a cracker, especially as it is so specialised ! A website concerned almost exclusively with funicular railways, the only one of its kind that I am aware of and a great resource. Find it at:

Hosted by one of the most intrepid explorers I’ve had the delight to meet and his band of merry cohorts, this site really is one in a million if you live in or near Brighton:

Without doubt one of the most thorough and engaging photographic sites for disused railway lovers; it is simply unbeatable:

Dealing with all things dark and underground, especially bunkers and the like:

A massive site dedicated to people posting the photographic results of their own “urban exploration”. Not surprisingly this is right up my street and meshes with heavenly perfection with what Dumpman Films is all about; browse in awe:

Forgotten relics is another favourite; superb detail and huge mine of information and great photographs:

A great set of stills and well researched history covering most of the Doomed Ouse Valley line:

Tunnel tastic !

These two are for London Underground lovers:

This man was lucky enough to get this domain name, but he well deserves it as he has some great information and shots here:

A further selection of sites that are well worth visiting:

This one is really extraordinary. One woman and her motorbike go riding through the deserted towns around Chernobyl taking photos. Some of the most ghostly, post-apocalyptic views you can imagine:

An excellent site full of historic and recent photos of Brighton, taken by Carol Homewood,  photographer and lifelong resident.

Here is another cracker ! Just found this one while researching Redgate Mill to Heathfield, some really great photos on this site.

And this is my  demo video from 2010 onYouTube: