Demo DVD

I made a promotional/demo dvd to show folk exactly what to expect from a typical Dumpman Films release. What you see below is a list showing which film each clip was lifted from. Short interview sections with self inserted in between clips are not shown.

This is now somewhat dated as it took clips from films made no later than 2010, but still represents a lot of the catalogue. 

0 Intro – Lywood Tunnel, Ardingly branch line.

2.40 Heathfield to Polegate

2.50 East Grinstead to Groombridge

3.30 Guildford to Christ’s Hospital

5.20 Christ’s Hospital to Shoreham

5.50 Three Bridges to East Grinstead

6.08 Billingshurst Royal Observer Corps bunker

6.46 Hardham canal tunnel

7.16 Midhurst to Chichester

8.40 Clayton tunnel and cottage

11.25 Demolition of the Pullman works in Brighton

12.12 West pier tour, Brighton

14.16 Volk’s seagoing tramway (Daddy long legs)

16.54 Shoreham cement works

19.15 Views of Hellingly asylum

21.10 Hellingly asylum branch line

21.25 Brighton sewer tour

22.55 Christ’s Hospital disused platforms to Guildford

24.25 Rye and Camber tramway

25.45 Devil’s Dyke railway, near Brighton

27.05 Devil’s Dyke steep grade railway, near Brighton

29.25 Kemp Town branch line, Brighton

32.40 Redgate Mill junction to Heathfield

36.35 Crowhurst to Bexhill West

38.45 Ardingly branch line

40.27 Midhurst to Pulborough

42.08 Selsey tramway

43.55 Tunbridge Wells West spur line

46.25 Doomed Ouse valley line

47.50 Sheffield Park to Lewes

52.45 Uckfield to Lewes

53.18 Princetown to Yelverton (Devon)

57.05 Lydford Junction station (Devon)

58.52 Mary Tavy station (Devon)