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Dumpman set for a lively 2022

Having only produced the one title in 2021 (albeit a lengthy and involved blockbuster in the form of The Sidmouth and Exmouth Branch Lines), Dumpman Films is set to up the ante this year, with a fine brace of new titles in the pipeline to provide more armchair travels for you. 

Also, a couple of collaborations and appearances with You Tube friends have also kept the Dumpman flag just about visible, with even a little air time from the Beeb.

Available now, via Ebay or dealing direct (preferable), Dumpman Films is delighted to present:

The Longparish Branch Line (Fullerton Junction to Whitchurch)

2 dvd set 2 hour running time for £10

This one has been in the making since about 2017 and been perpetually hampered by ill health, bad weather, Covid and obstinate landowners. Although impressive and beautiful sections of track bed are travelled, this doesn’t feature a complete journey along all of it, as your humble cameraman was warned off in such stern terms that he feared for his well-being. However, visits to Wherwell and Longparish stations and permission to access various other key points along the line meant that the film was ultimately worth pursuing and provides a thorough representative sample and good flavour of the line. 
Various footpaths that cross the track bed were used to good effect, with a long lens in some of the more verboten territories. Featuring some of the deepest cuttings, tallest embankments and superb Victorian architecture, this little line is a railway hunter’s treat. The sun was out and so were the bluebells.

At the same time, work began on Winchester Chesil & Hockley viaduct. This was intended to be a brief celebration of the Hockley viaduct, followed by a genteel trundle on the old Raleigh Chopper into Winchester Chesil station area. However, following a recent email from Winchester City Council, it looks as though permission may be granted to trundle right the way in to Chesil tunnel, in between the wheelie bins that are now stored in there. It would obviously be ludicrous not to include this so the Chopper and I wait with baited breath, more news as it appears.

Similarly, Winchester Junction – Itchen Abbas – Alresford was also started recently. Key to this one was gaining permission to see the platforms at the only intermediate station on the route at Itchen Abbas, so it was a delight to film there towards the end of April. Progress on the track has reached Itchen Abbas from Winchester Junction and will continue to Alresford later in the year when time can be found, but so far, kind landowners and relatively easy access has made for a satisfying trip with lots to see. 

Towards the end of last year, a start was made on the tiny Allhallows-on-sea branch, but completion of this is waiting on some landowner permission, so hopefully good news coming soon.

Previous adventures with big time You Tube railway hunters and friends, The Whitewicks, had proved enjoyable, so following the Ardingly branch line trip that we did last year, we thought it was time for another. Basically, they ask me to be a tour guide/compere when they want to see Sussex railways and Dumpman Films gets some much needed advertising in return. Three Bridges towards Groombridge was the brief this time and you can see the results in the link below.

Richard Vobes, The Bald Explorer, has also often been a partner in exploration and following a well-received short on Volk’s seagoing tram (Daddy Long Legs) in Brighton last year, he was keen to see the first ever railway in Sussex at Offham chalk pits, just outside Lewes. See the results in the link below.

I was also a guest on The Vobes Show earlier this year, another link below.

I was also contacted by another podcasting lover of the great outdoors, Holly Worton, who wanted a chat to find out what Dumpman Films is all about, link below.

Finally, David Miller of BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey wanted to do an interview, which aired on the 3rd of April. Unfortunately, it was only available for a month or so on the BBC Sounds catch up thingy, but I did record it and (with a little help from a tech savvy friend) may add it as a link in another update later this year. Auntie Dumpman has a certain ring to it.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about specific films. Ebay now creams off at least 13% of each transaction, so dealing direct always preferred. The website will be updated shortly.

Autumn 2021

My sincere thanks to everyone who has bought the Sidmouth & Exmouth Branch Lines film, this has been one of the most successful titles in recent years and given me some fire to crack on and make and some more.

The Longparish Branch Line remains the next one in the pipeline and I hope to make a start on this before the end of this year. More news as it becomes available.


After two years of relative inactivity, apart from a few collaborations with friends, a week of intensive filming in Devon has produced:

“The Sidmouth & Exmouth branch lines”.

This will be a blockbusting multiple dvd set showing the usual spectacular level of detail you’ve come to expect. Generous spirited landowners allowed your humble cameraman in to see vast swathes of land not readily accessed by the casual OS map toting rambler.

Current release date is set to be early June, watch this space or expect an email if you are on the mailing list.

Bad News!

My website hosting company is closing down on the 30th June 2020. This means that it is likely that the website may disappear for a while during reconstruction with a different provider and may never look the same again. Rest assured I will do everything in my power to keep it as close to the original as possible. Happily, the email address is unaffected and I will continue to be contactable during this changeover period

New Photo Archives

Any regular visitors to the website will know that the selection of photos has remained largely unchanged for some years. Nothing wrong with that, as they’re all timeless classics, but you will soon notice new pages being added showing photos grouped by county. I will be steadily going through my vast archive of stills taken while making each film and adding them to these pages, but it might take a while ! Enjoy.