Future Projects

The Longparish Branch Line

Available now ! 

Winchester’s Chesil Loop

Available now !

Winchester Junction-Itchen Abbas-Alresford

Available now !

Somerset and Dorset

Many folk have asked for this to be covered during the ten years or so that Dumpman Films has been going. At 70 odd miles, it is a tall order when I have a full time job. I always joke that I will attempt it if I ever get made redundant. One way or another, it is on the list and I intend to do it at some point. However, it may that it appears in instalments.

The Baybridge canal

Taking a jump even further back into time than the railways, this little canal has a few clues remaining. If I ever find the time I’d like to a do a proper job on the canals of Sussex, but it might be some time in coming.