Future Projects

Brookwood Cemetery (Necropolis Line)

Available now ! 

The Longparish Branch Line

Working on getting access and permission. 

Salisbury’s Chesil Loop

Worth it if just for the fun of going over the Hockley viaduct again. 

Basingstoke to Alton

Available now !

Fowey to Par

Had a peep at one end of Pinnock tunnel many years ago while holidaying in the area and resolved to go back one day, fabulous part of the world. 

Somerset and Dorset

Many folk have asked for this to be covered during the ten years or so that Dumpman Films has been going. At 70 odd miles, it is a tall order when I have a full time job. I always joke that I will attempt it if I ever get made redundant. One way or another, it is on the list and I intend to do it at some point. 

The Baybridge canal

Taking a jump even further back into time than the railways, this little canal has a few clues remaining. If I ever find the time I’d like to a do a proper job on the canals of Sussex, but it might be some time in coming.