Isle of Wight

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  • Brading to Bembridge Trackbed Tour


    This film starts with a tour around Brading station, showing vintage features of the part of the station that is still in use and also a tour along the disused platforms that used to serve the line to Bembridge. The entire station is grade 2 listed.

    A brief tour of the signal box is included, showing its internal workings, the superb ongoing restoration work that has been accomplished in the last few years and views of the station from above. (A visit to Brading station visitors centre and signal box is highly recommended).

    Then the disused line is followed as closely as possible by bicycle

  • Freshwater to Newport Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the site of Freshwater station, the station sign supports and platform remains are sought out in the store of a garden centre, alongside the well named “End Of The Line” cafe.

  • Newport to Cowes Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the site of Newport station, various views of the area are filmed on a gloriously sunny day. Then the camera is bolted to the roof of a car and the first section of track bed is traveled, along what is now a road through an industrial estate.

  • Newport to Wooton Trackbed Tour


    A drive along the station site at Newport with the camera bolted to the top of the car starts this film, followed by a look at the site of the old lifting bridge crossing over the harbour.

    The journey through Newport tunnel is then cycled before heading out on the track bed to the east.

  • Old Blackgang to Niton road explored


    The original road between Blackgang and Niton used to travel along an area known as The Undercliff, one of the most picturesque areas of the Isle of Wight and notoriously prone to landslip. The route was permanently severed in 1928, when a huge cliff fall at the south-eastern end sent a 150 yard section of it plunging towards the sea. Numerous other landslips have occurred since then, including one in 1994 that severely affected the north-eastern end at the site of Blackgang Chine, the well-know amusement park.

  • Sandown to Newport Trackbed Tour


    Starting with views of Sandown station, particular attention is paid to the disused Newport platforms and course of the diverging disused track.

    A short stretch of track just past Sandown is omitted, where houses have been built over the course of it. Thereafter, all accessible track bed is cycled along the delightful Yar river valley in the direction of Newport.

  • Shanklin to Ventnor Trackbed Tour


    A look at the features of Shanklin station starts off this film, with particular attention paid to the disused platforms.

    Thereafter, the track bed is cycled, taking in all the remaining features, all the way to Wroxall.

  • Ventnor West to Merstone Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the old Ventnor West station on a gloriously sunny day, the course of this line is followed as closely as possible, initially with a camera bolted to the top of a car where roads have been built over the course of the track. Thereafter, all of the accessible track bed is explored on foot all the way to Merstone, taking in the stations of St Lawrence, Whitwell and Godshill along the way.