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  • East Grinstead to Groombridge Tour


    An exploration of all accessible track bed between these two destinations, mainly by bike, sometimes on foot and very briefly by car.

    See where this line left East Grinstead before passing through fantastic Wealden countryside and encountering Forest Row, Hartfield and Withyham stations. Its entire progress through to the junction near Groombridge is covered. Also features footage of Groombridge station and the disused link line between it and the line running south from Edenbridge.

  • Hawkhurst Branch Line Trackbed Tour


    Starting at Hawkhurst station site, remaining clues are sought out, including a look inside the remaining engine shed. Thereafter, the course of the track is filmed from public roads until Badger’s Oak tunnel, where the track is travelled to Cranbrook station.

  • Tunbridge Wells West Trackbed Explored


    A short film showing all accessible track bed on this short stretch of disused single line.

    The two stations at Tunbridge Wells, once finished in the late 1800s, needed a rail link between them. LBSCR set about building this in 1872. In railway history terms, it is a fairly late casualty, only being taken out of service in 1986.

  • Westerham Branch Line Trackbed Tour


    This little branch line was destined to become another preservation success story in the early 1960s, until the powers that be decided to build the M25 motorway along a sizable section of it. Much energy and private finance went into the Westerham Valley Association in an attempt to keep it open with a mixture of commuter and tourist traffic. Sadly, this was not to be and the sections of track bed that escaped being buried under the motorway now remain in short, truncated sections.