Disused and Decaying Buildings

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  • Shoreham Cement Works Tour


    The hulking, asbestos-clad remains of the cement works just north of Shoreham make a pretty uninviting prospect and I wouldn’t recommend that you go under the wire to have a look, especially as I have already done it and you can see the results here. A wander through the main stone crushing plant and some of the outbuildings and workshops show just how derelict and dangerous it had become. Added in September 2006 is additional footage of the main offices, views from the river including the wharf and a panoramic view of the quarry from on top of the Downs. Much of what is featured here has subsequently been demolished.

  • Views of Hellingly Mental Asylum


    In November 2007, the vast decaying remains of Hellingly Mental Asylum lie in ruin, awaiting re-development…

    Undoubtedly, there will be a time when Victorian asylums such as this have all either been demolished or converted into flats. This film records the final moments of the asylum as it was before being converted into something else and also before numerous arson attacks. At the same time as seeing over a decade of vandalism, neglect, fire damage and decay, you will also see the fantastic architectural features of this striking red brick building. Ornate embellishments were the order of the day in 1903 when it was completed.

  • West Pier Tour & Original Vintage Ticket


    Have a look at the West Pier in Brighton before it burnt down and was battered to its knees by storms. I was lucky enough to go on a guided tour throughout the structure while many of its beautifully preserved features were still intact and I filmed them all from end to end.