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  • Brighton Devil’s Dyke Steep Grade Line


    The long-disused course of the funicular railway that used to run from the base of the north face of the Downs near Poynings, straight up the scarp slope to the Devil’s Dyke is examined here. See the brick remains of the engine shed at the top and the base station at the bottom. See also the views that the Victorians would have had out of the back of the carriage as they rode up the hillside; I dragged my camera up the course of the line on a sledge to achieve the effect ! It was exhausting and delightfully treacherous. Some stills of this line in its heyday are also featured. Includes commentary.

  • Brighton Devil’s Dyke Railway Tour


    This is a film showing the exact course of the Devil’s Dyke railway as it appears today.

    Based on the previously available film shot in 2005, this is a far more in depth look at the exact route that this line took. Some footage from 2005 is used, but the vast majority is new for 2007 and more detailed. Particular attention is paid to trying to ascertain the exact course of the line through the built up areas of Hove and Hangleton.

  • Brighton’s Kemp Town Branch Line Tour


    A detailed look at the course of this little branch line that ran from Brighton station to what is now Freshfields Industrial Estate. See where it left the current day Brighton to Lewes line, the site of Lewes Road station, where the brick viaduct crossed the Lewes Road (and some foundations still visible !), the site of Hartington Road halt, the cutting it went into before entering a tunnel under Elm Grove and where it emerged at the terminus.

  • Brighton Sewer Tour and Patcham Floods


    A guided tour through a section of the Victorian sewer network under the streets of Brighton. See how the engineers of the day not only made their structures beautiful above ground, but kept their attention to detail intact underground too. Also includes footage of the severe floods that year (around the same time that Lewes flooded) that affected the north of Brighton. A river that hadn’t run for over 400 years reappeared on the recreation ground just next to the A27/A23 junction with a spring shooting out from under the petrol station car park and then running straight down Patcham high street.

  • West Pier Tour & Original Vintage Ticket


    Have a look at the West Pier in Brighton before it burnt down and was battered to its knees by storms. I was lucky enough to go on a guided tour throughout the structure while many of its beautifully preserved features were still intact and I filmed them all from end to end.