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  • Freshwater to Newport Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the site of Freshwater station, the station sign supports and platform remains are sought out in the store of a garden centre, alongside the well named “End Of The Line” cafe.

  • Ventnor West to Merstone Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the old Ventnor West station on a gloriously sunny day, the course of this line is followed as closely as possible, initially with a camera bolted to the top of a car where roads have been built over the course of the track. Thereafter, all of the accessible track bed is explored on foot all the way to Merstone, taking in the stations of St Lawrence, Whitwell and Godshill along the way.

  • Shanklin to Ventnor Trackbed Tour


    A look at the features of Shanklin station starts off this film, with particular attention paid to the disused platforms.

    Thereafter, the track bed is cycled, taking in all the remaining features, all the way to Wroxall.

  • Sandown to Newport Trackbed Tour


    Starting with views of Sandown station, particular attention is paid to the disused Newport platforms and course of the diverging disused track.

    A short stretch of track just past Sandown is omitted, where houses have been built over the course of it. Thereafter, all accessible track bed is cycled along the delightful Yar river valley in the direction of Newport.

  • Newport to Wooton Trackbed Tour


    A drive along the station site at Newport with the camera bolted to the top of the car starts this film, followed by a look at the site of the old lifting bridge crossing over the harbour.

    The journey through Newport tunnel is then cycled before heading out on the track bed to the east.

  • Newport to Cowes Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the site of Newport station, various views of the area are filmed on a gloriously sunny day. Then the camera is bolted to the roof of a car and the first section of track bed is traveled, along what is now a road through an industrial estate.

  • Brading to Bembridge Trackbed Tour


    This film starts with a tour around Brading station, showing vintage features of the part of the station that is still in use and also a tour along the disused platforms that used to serve the line to Bembridge. The entire station is grade 2 listed.

    A brief tour of the signal box is included, showing its internal workings, the superb ongoing restoration work that has been accomplished in the last few years and views of the station from above. (A visit to Brading station visitors centre and signal box is highly recommended).

    Then the disused line is followed as closely as possible by bicycle

  • The Course of the Old A23 in Sussex


    This film follows the route that the A23 used to take as it wound its way through Sussex before the current road was completed in the early 1990s and includes some stretches that were decommissioned in the 1960s and 70s. With a camera bolted to the roof of a battered old car, historical commentary is delivered live as the route is travelled.

  • A visit to the LSWR/GWR arch, Tavistock

  • A short tour of Jack windmill, Sussex Downs


    Jack and Jill windmills are a well known Sussex landmark up on the Downs just north of Brighton. Jill windmill has been in the care of a trust dedicated to her preservation since 1978 and can be visited by members of the public. Jack windmill has been in private ownership as a residence for many years and glimpses inside are less easy to come by.

    Permission was granted to enter and make this short film showing the inside of this extraordinary place. The five floors that make up Jack have been put to a variety of uses over the years, including an observation tower in World War 2; indeed the blackout screens designed to cover each of the windows are still there to see. One floor is given over to a consecrated chapel. Views right up into the inside of the dome are also seen, showing the extraordinary workmanship that went into its construction.

  • Midhurst to Petersfield Trackbed Explored


    A thorough trek along very nearly all the remaining trackbed,starting at Midhurst and finishing at Petersfield. Every effort is made (as usual !) to access even the most awkward and overgrown areas.

    Station areas and remains were found at Midhurst, Elsted and Rogate.

  • Cuckfield ROC Bunker – a restoration project


    This film shows the progress of a restoration project with a difference ! When the opportunity to do a job on this ROC site came up, bunker enthusiast Mark Russell jumped at it.

    Relatively sparsely furnished, but not flooded or badly damaged, this bunker made the perfect site for Mark to put his vision into action: restoring and re-kitting an ROC post to its former glory as it was during its time of use.

  • Princetown to Yelverton Trackbed Tour


    A lively, amateur enthusiast’s journey between these two destinations in April 2010.

    Having walked this line on a family holiday as a child in 1980, I always harboured a wish to come back and do it again, but this time I brought along my camera and a bike. What you see here is a dogged attempt to film nearly all the track bed and all the points of interest on this route, recreating a driver’s eye view as if you were sat on the front of the loco !

  • Lydford Jnc & Mary Tavy Stations Explored


    A short film showing some of the views around these two fascinating, Devon, disused stations.

    Before closure, two railway companies ran competing train services up this valley with tracks side by side between Tavistock and Lydford. Nowhere is this more clearly visible than at Mary Tavy, highlighting the delightful lunacy that pervaded during the railway boom years.

  • Tunbridge Wells West Trackbed Explored


    A short film showing all accessible track bed on this short stretch of disused single line.

    The two stations at Tunbridge Wells, once finished in the late 1800s, needed a rail link between them. LBSCR set about building this in 1872. In railway history terms, it is a fairly late casualty, only being taken out of service in 1986.

  • Redgate Mill to Heathfield Cuckoo Line Tour


    A detailed film showing an exploration of most of the track bed, earthworks, tunnels, stations, bridges and other features that remain on this particularly difficult to access stretch of disused line.

    Despite the title, the first scenes in the film are at the still used station at Eridge, where folk would have boarded trains to travel down the Cuckoo line. Subsequently, the line is picked up at Redgate Mill junction, where the Cuckoo line veered away from the current day line to Uckfield.

  • Crowhurst to Bexhill West Explored


    A thorough trek along the disused track bed of this line in January and March 2009.

    At the time of filming, there was every indication that a long disputed link road would be built across the stunning Coombe Valley, bisecting the line just to the north of the site of the old viaduct before joining the course of the trackbed from Sidley down to the A259. A huge inspiration was to get out there and capture these images before they were wiped from the landscape forever and replaced by more, senseless, noisy congestion.

  • Clayton Railway Tunnel & Cottage


    Tunnel Cottage is one of the most unusual houses that lie on railway property. It is the bijou dwelling that nestles between the two imposing, castellated towers that form part of the extraordinary northern entrance to Clayton tunnel on the London to Brighton line.

  • Demolition of the Pullman Works, Brighton


    The Pullman Works at Brighton sat derelict for many years before the decision was finally made to demolish it. Years of vandalism and neglect had left it in a bad way.

    Occupying a curious triangular plot of land at the junction of the main London to Brighton line and the westbound coast line, it was hoped by some that this building would one day be used as a railway museum. Being accessed almost exclusively by rail, this was sadly never likely to happen.

  • Hardham Canal Tunnel Illuminated


    This short film focuses on Hardham canal tunnel and celebrates the plethora of other transport remnants in the immediate area: road, two railways, a roman road and station and the canal.

  • Baystone Bridge to Christ’s Hospital


    Only recently opened as part of the Downs Link, after lengthy legal wrangles, this fascinating little stretch of line has plenty to offer. Having stayed closed to the public since closure in the late 60s, it has remained the missing link of this stretch of line. Delightful walking towards Christ’s Hospital shows a charming overbridge and even a piece of track, some LBSCR railchairs (they won’t be there for long !) and some signal rodding.

  • Midhurst to Pulborough Trackbed Explored


    A thorough trek along very nearly all the remaining track bed between Midhurst and Pulborough (Hardham Junction), partly on foot and partly by bike. The emphasis was on recording the whole journey and spotting all remaining bridges, distance markers, gradient markers and any others points of interest along the way. Every effort is made (as usual !) to access even the most awkward and overgrown areas.

  • Midhurst to Chichester Trackbed Explored


    A thorough trek along very nearly all of the remaining track bed between Midhurst and Chichester. The emphasis was on recording the whole journey and spotting all remaining bridges, distance markers, gradient markers and any others points of interest along the way. Every effort is made (as usual !) to access even the most awkward and overgrown areas. Due to the fact that this line ran through the Downs, there are some of the most spectacular cuttings, tunnels and embankments to be seen on any of the disused lines in Sussex.

  • The Disused Railway of Lyminster, Sussex


    A thorough look at the short stretch of South Coast Mainline that was abandoned in 1883 when a diversion was made to accommodate the new triangular junction just east of the River Arun.

  • Uckfield to Lewes Trackbed Explored


    A look at very nearly all the old track bed left between Uckfield and Lewes in late 2007/early 2008.

    Quite apart from the fact that filming old railway lines is my thing, I read in the press that the local council was pouring £140,000 into a feasibility study on the re-opening of this line, so I thought I’d better do one of my own before they decided to re-open it !