Disused Railways

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  • Tunbridge Wells West Trackbed Explored


    A short film showing all accessible track bed on this short stretch of disused single line.

    The two stations at Tunbridge Wells, once finished in the late 1800s, needed a rail link between them. LBSCR set about building this in 1872. In railway history terms, it is a fairly late casualty, only being taken out of service in 1986.

  • Uckfield to Lewes Trackbed Explored


    A look at very nearly all the old track bed left between Uckfield and Lewes in late 2007/early 2008.

    Quite apart from the fact that filming old railway lines is my thing, I read in the press that the local council was pouring £140,000 into a feasibility study on the re-opening of this line, so I thought I’d better do one of my own before they decided to re-open it !

  • Ventnor West to Merstone Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the old Ventnor West station on a gloriously sunny day, the course of this line is followed as closely as possible, initially with a camera bolted to the top of a car where roads have been built over the course of the track. Thereafter, all of the accessible track bed is explored on foot all the way to Merstone, taking in the stations of St Lawrence, Whitwell and Godshill along the way.

  • Views of Hellingly Mental Asylum


    In November 2007, the vast decaying remains of Hellingly Mental Asylum lie in ruin, awaiting re-development…

    Undoubtedly, there will be a time when Victorian asylums such as this have all either been demolished or converted into flats. This film records the final moments of the asylum as it was before being converted into something else and also before numerous arson attacks. At the same time as seeing over a decade of vandalism, neglect, fire damage and decay, you will also see the fantastic architectural features of this striking red brick building. Ornate embellishments were the order of the day in 1903 when it was completed.

  • Volk’s Seagoing Tramway Explored


    Everyone knows about Volk’s Railway that runs along Brighton seafront, but far less well known is the extraordinary tramway that ran through the sea from Banjo groyne, just west of Brighton Marina to Rottingdean. Completed in 1897 and closed in 1902, it was a shortlived piece of genius that was beset by bad luck and a terrible storm. The footings of the track and the bases of the telegraph poles that ran alongside on the seabed can only be discerned at very low tide.

  • West Bay to Maiden Newton Trackbed Tour


    Following an unusual stay of execution, most of this line stayed open until 1975, despite efforts to close it beforehand.

    Starting at the delightful remaining station building at West Bay, the first stretch of the line is cycled (on a vintage Raleigh Chopper). A short distance to the north, where roads have been built over the track bed, a roof-mounted camera is bolted to the top of a car and the journey continues past the site of Bridport East Street station to the site of Bridport (Bradpole Road) station.

  • Westerham Branch Line Trackbed Tour


    This little branch line was destined to become another preservation success story in the early 1960s, until the powers that be decided to build the M25 motorway along a sizable section of it. Much energy and private finance went into the Westerham Valley Association in an attempt to keep it open with a mixture of commuter and tourist traffic. Sadly, this was not to be and the sections of track bed that escaped being buried under the motorway now remain in short, truncated sections.

  • Weymouth Quay Line Trackbed Travelled


    Starting at Weymouth Quay Ferry Terminal, some shots are taken before travelling the line. Then, with the camera bolted to the top of a car, the line is driven in the early morning (so as to be less cluttered by traffic) as faithfully as possible towards Weymouth station. Sights along the way include the remaining platform at Custom House Quay, Town Bridge and the additional loop that the GWR built in the 1930s to ease the steepness of one of the original curves.