Disused Railways

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  • Hayling Island Branch Line Tour


    The entire length of this charming little branch line from Havant to the Hayling Island terminus is explored. Special attention is paid to the causeway crossing and the remains of the swing bridge across Langstone harbour. The station sites of Langstone and North Hayling are looked at and some great views across the water that travellers would have enjoyed are included. Includes running commentary.

  • Heathfield to Polegate Cuckoo Line Tour


    An exploration of accessible track bed between these two destinations, mainly by bike and sometimes on foot.

    Starting just north of Heathfield at the northernmost accessible point on the line, this film covers the entire route south down to Polegate. Features a ride through the Heathfield tunnel, a look at the branch line that served Hellingly Asylum and a host of other points of interest along the way.

  • Hellingly Hospital Branch Line Tour


    In November 2007, the vast decaying remains of Hellingly Mental Asylum lie in ruin, awaiting re-development…

    Undoubtedly, there will be a time when Victorian asylums such as this have all either been demolished or converted into flats. This place even had its very own little railway system that linked up with the Cuckoo line station at Hellingly and that is what this film documents.

  • Lydford Jnc & Mary Tavy Stations Explored


    A short film showing some of the views around these two fascinating, Devon, disused stations.

    Before closure, two railway companies ran competing train services up this valley with tracks side by side between Tavistock and Lydford. Nowhere is this more clearly visible than at Mary Tavy, highlighting the delightful lunacy that pervaded during the railway boom years.

  • Lyme Regis Branch Line Trackbed Explored


    Starting at the site of Lyme Regis station on a gloriously sunny day, the course of this line is followed as closely as possible as it heads north through Uplyme. The majority of the track bed is explored on foot all the way to Axminster, taking in the extraordinary Cannington viaduct and the only intermediate station of Combpyne along the way. Effort was put in to featuring as many of the remaining brick and concrete structures as possible.

  • Meon Valley Line (Fareham to Alton) Tour


    A detailed film spread over 5 dvd discs, showing an exploration of the vast majority of the track bed, earthworks, tunnels, stations, bridges and other features that remain on this stretch of disused line.

    Opened in 1903, closed to passengers in 1955, explored by Dumpman Films in 2013.

    This film recreates the journey along the 22 mile track bed of the Meon Valley Line, mostly by bike, partly on foot and briefly by car.

  • Midhurst to Chichester Trackbed Explored


    A thorough trek along very nearly all of the remaining track bed between Midhurst and Chichester. The emphasis was on recording the whole journey and spotting all remaining bridges, distance markers, gradient markers and any others points of interest along the way. Every effort is made (as usual !) to access even the most awkward and overgrown areas. Due to the fact that this line ran through the Downs, there are some of the most spectacular cuttings, tunnels and embankments to be seen on any of the disused lines in Sussex.

  • Midhurst to Petersfield Trackbed Explored


    A thorough trek along very nearly all the remaining trackbed,starting at Midhurst and finishing at Petersfield. Every effort is made (as usual !) to access even the most awkward and overgrown areas.

    Station areas and remains were found at Midhurst, Elsted and Rogate.

  • Midhurst to Pulborough Trackbed Explored


    A thorough trek along very nearly all the remaining track bed between Midhurst and Pulborough (Hardham Junction), partly on foot and partly by bike. The emphasis was on recording the whole journey and spotting all remaining bridges, distance markers, gradient markers and any others points of interest along the way. Every effort is made (as usual !) to access even the most awkward and overgrown areas.

  • Mortonhampstead to Bovey Trackbed Tour


    Starting at Moretonhampstead, various remains were seen including the goods shed, listed engine shed and a stretch of platform. This was followed by a short stretch of the Wray Trail, giving way to farm track after a short diversion.

    Spectacular granite bridges, towering embankments and deep, rocky cuttings are seen en route to Lustleigh.

  • Newport to Cowes Trackbed Tour


    Starting at the site of Newport station, various views of the area are filmed on a gloriously sunny day. Then the camera is bolted to the roof of a car and the first section of track bed is traveled, along what is now a road through an industrial estate.

  • Newport to Wooton Trackbed Tour


    A drive along the station site at Newport with the camera bolted to the top of the car starts this film, followed by a look at the site of the old lifting bridge crossing over the harbour.

    The journey through Newport tunnel is then cycled before heading out on the track bed to the east.

  • Offham Chalk Pits Steep Grade Line Tour


    The first line in Sussex this one. It was built to move stone from the quarries behind the Chalk Pit Inn in Offham, down to the river to be moved away by barge. The spectacularly engineered tunnels under the road are impressive (and very difficult to get to without risking injury, don’t try it, just watch it here), but the brick remains of the base station also make interesting viewing too. Includes constant running commentary.

  • Old Blackgang to Niton road explored


    The original road between Blackgang and Niton used to travel along an area known as The Undercliff, one of the most picturesque areas of the Isle of Wight and notoriously prone to landslip. The route was permanently severed in 1928, when a huge cliff fall at the south-eastern end sent a 150 yard section of it plunging towards the sea. Numerous other landslips have occurred since then, including one in 1994 that severely affected the north-eastern end at the site of Blackgang Chine, the well-know amusement park.

  • Princetown to Yelverton Trackbed Tour


    A lively, amateur enthusiast’s journey between these two destinations in April 2010.

    Having walked this line on a family holiday as a child in 1980, I always harboured a wish to come back and do it again, but this time I brought along my camera and a bike. What you see here is a dogged attempt to film nearly all the track bed and all the points of interest on this route, recreating a driver’s eye view as if you were sat on the front of the loco !

  • Redgate Mill to Heathfield Cuckoo Line Tour


    A detailed film showing an exploration of most of the track bed, earthworks, tunnels, stations, bridges and other features that remain on this particularly difficult to access stretch of disused line.

    Despite the title, the first scenes in the film are at the still used station at Eridge, where folk would have boarded trains to travel down the Cuckoo line. Subsequently, the line is picked up at Redgate Mill junction, where the Cuckoo line veered away from the current day line to Uckfield.

  • Rye & Camber Tram/Rye Harbour Branch


    A lively look at what is left in 2007 of the Rye and Camber Tramway and the Rye Harbour Branch Line.

    Starting at the site of the Rye terminus of the tramway and working down all the available remaining track, every remaining clue is sought out and recorded. See tracks that are still in situe and the largely complete Golf Links station. Both the pre 1938 and post 1938 station sites at Camber Sands are included as are the very visible remaining embankments crossing the duned golf course.

  • Sandown to Newport Trackbed Tour


    Starting with views of Sandown station, particular attention is paid to the disused Newport platforms and course of the diverging disused track.

    A short stretch of track just past Sandown is omitted, where houses have been built over the course of it. Thereafter, all accessible track bed is cycled along the delightful Yar river valley in the direction of Newport.

  • Selsey Tramway Explored


    Just next to Chichester station on the south side, used to be the northern terminus for this unique little line that ran right the way down to the beach at Selsey. You often read that there’s not much left to see, but having walked nearly all of the track I beg to differ; plenty of clues remain, including the occasional hidden platform ! Dense undergrowth tackled and no stone unturned in attempts to find all visible remains in 2006.

  • Shanklin to Ventnor Trackbed Tour


    A look at the features of Shanklin station starts off this film, with particular attention paid to the disused platforms.

    Thereafter, the track bed is cycled, taking in all the remaining features, all the way to Wroxall.

  • Sheffield Park to Lewes Trackbed Explored


    Everyone knows the course of the Bluebell Railway as it appears today, but much less in the way of current material exists showing the original course of the line to the south of Sheffield Park station.

    Apart from the obvious fact that trains no longer run this way, it is also some of the most inhospitable and overgrown disused track bed left in Sussex. Whereas many disused track beds are cycletracks, footpaths or even just permissive routes used by a few locals, this route is largely overgrown with no sign of regular human traffic.

  • Sidmouth & Exmouth Branch Lines

  • The Disused Railway of Lyminster, Sussex


    A thorough look at the short stretch of South Coast Mainline that was abandoned in 1883 when a diversion was made to accommodate the new triangular junction just east of the River Arun.

  • The Sprat and Winkle Line


    Opened in 1865, closed in 1964 and explored by Dumpman Films in 2018.

    A detailed trek across much of the disused track bed between Kimbridge Junction and Andover Junction station. Sometimes travelling on foot, occasionally by car, but mostly on a vintage Raleigh Chopper, always searching for the remains of the great industry that was the railway. This film recreates the journey that used to be possible by train.

  • Three Bridges to East Grinstead Tour


    An exploration of all accessible track bed between these two destinations, mainly by bike, sometimes on foot and very briefly by car.

    See where this line left the London to Brighton mainline, where it was rudely cut by the M23 motorway and from then on, its entire progress through the leafy Weald to East Grinstead via Rowfant and Grange Road (Crawley Down).